RAKEZ Business License: Choosing The Right Business Activity

RAKEZ Business License: Choosing The Right Business Activity



When considering establishing a business in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), one of the key decisions to make is the type of business activity that best suits your objectives. RAKEZ is known for its diverse offerings, providing licenses for various business activities. Here, we will explore the types of business activities that are suitable for RAKEZ license and help you understand which one aligns with your business goals.

RAKEZ offers licenses for three primary types of business activities:

Commercial license:

This license is suitable for businesses engaged in trading activities, whether it’s import, export, or re-export. If your business revolves around the buying and selling of goods, a commercial license would be the right choice. RAKEZ provides a conducive environment for trade, with access to seaports and airports.

Industrial license:

If your business involves manufacturing, processing, or industrial activities, you should consider obtaining an industrial license. RAKEZ offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, including warehouses and industrial facilities, making it an ideal destination for manufacturing and industrial enterprises.

Service license:

A service license is ideal for businesses that provide services, including consultancy, professional services, and a wide range of service-based industries. If your business is focused on offering expertise or specialized services, a service license in RAKEZ is a suitable option.

Each of these license types can be further tailored to specific business activities. RAKEZ supports various sectors, such as:


RAKEZ is an excellent choice for businesses engaged in manufacturing, whether it’s producing consumer goods, electronics, or industrial products. The industrial license allows you to set up manufacturing units and take advantage of the zone’s logistical and infrastructure support.

Logistics and warehousing:

If your business is centered on warehousing, distribution, or logistics, RAKEZ provides the necessary infrastructure, including modern warehouses and easy access to transportation networks.

Trading and retail:

RAKEZ is strategically positioned to facilitate trading activities. It’s an ideal choice for businesses involved in wholesale and retail trading, including the trading of consumer goods, electronics, and more.

Professional services:

Service-based businesses such as consultancy, legal services, accounting, and IT services find a welcoming environment in RAKEZ with the service license option.

Tech and innovation:

RAKEZ is fostering innovation and technology-driven businesses. If your business falls under the technology sector, such as software development, app development, or IT services, RAKEZ is a suitable destination.