What Makes a Good Influencer?

What Makes a Good Influencer?

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What makes an influencer become one of the top influencers in Dubai? Is it their hair or their clothing? Perhaps, the car they drive or their favorite type of ice cream they like to drink?

It is amazing how many questions start to come up when you are thinking about marketing and Arab Influencers in Dubai. Does this person have an interesting story to tell? Can they bring a new concept to marketing? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself and consider before using them as the starting point for your social media marketing efforts. Yes, these influencers can bring value to your company but in order for your efforts to be successful you need to know what you are selling.

Before we get too deep into the “what makes a great Influencer” discussion, I want to touch on how you should be using social media to engage an influencer. Many companies do not understand the concept of “engagement” and how it can impact an influencer so they simply put out a tweet, use a funny video, or a colorful picture and hope that the influencer reads it. The result is often no engagement at all and a loss of potential customers. If you are using social media to market to a specific audience and you fail to provide them with information that will ignite their interest then you are losing a potentially valuable customer.

A good engagement strategy is more about providing the reader or viewer with useful information. This is something that is often overlooked by those who are promoting their businesses through social media. Instead of trying to find the next viral video to share, consider sharing a few quality articles on a niche topic that will give your readers some valuable information. You want to engage your audience on a more personal level and not via a common-place method.

Now that we have covered not just what makes a good influencer, but why promoting to influencers can be such a great digital marketing strategy, let’s take a look at what makes an excellent influencer. A great influencer is one who can truly engage a particular audience, provide information on a more personal level, and use Twitter properly in order to achieve this. You need someone with ample knowledge of the niche you are marketing to, and someone who can effectively utilize social media in order to reach the desired audience.